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The magic our marriage needed

“My wife and I found Pete & Nikki Uglow’s website about 3 years ago and since then we have learned so much more about love than we thought it was possible to know. We thought you just felt it. Or not, in our case. But that’s not true at all and making the one time decision to learn to love my wife more each day has been the magic our marriage needed.

Thank you Pete, without all this we wouldn’t still be together and loving life like this. ”


Restored My Faith In Humanity

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the greatest gift anyone could have shared with me – unconditional love. You’ve restored my faith in humanity. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and teaching me how to live a life of freedom and happiness. I’ll never forget the most precious gift you have brought into my life and I will continue to practice and treasure it forever xxx ”
L.L (Anonymity preserved)

Filled With Hope

“Our journey has just started, but we are filled with hope. I am so glad we found unconditional love as it has changed everything. Thank you for three amazing days. We are truly grateful to you both and can’t wait to learn how to love each other better.”

L.K & J.K.
L.K & J.K. (Anonymity preserved)

A Life Of Happiness We Didn’t Even Know Existed

“Around 6 years ago I met Pete Uglow when I was searching for answers. I was staring down the barrel of a 2nd divorce. Knowing a fair bit about personal development I couldn’t understand why I found myself in this position.

It soon became obvious.
Then I had to take action.
At this point I decided to do whatever Pete suggested I needed to do to better understand myself and my wife. I ‘dived in’, attending seminars, reading and watching suggested material, and experiencing an intervention. At one point I was helped by written communication with Pete’s wife every day for 40 days straight, which was another great learning experience for me.
Unfortunately, it was too late to save my marriage, but there is no doubt that we parted company in a more loving way than if I had not been helped by Pete.
During this learning process I also realised how much expectation I’d been placing on my children, and how damaging this was for them and for our relationship.
At this stage the last thing I was looking for was another relationship. But life happens, and I met a woman who was also open to being coached. Armed with our new understanding, and guidance from Pete, we carefully and slowly started a relationship with a focal point of unconditional love. That was 5 years ago. Today we’re married and both of us are happier with life than either of us has ever been before.
The relationships that we now have with our children have also improved substantially as they see how calm, loving, and unconditional we are with them and with each other.
We highly recommend learning the relationship principles taught by Pete, it’s led us to a life of happiness that we didn’t even know existed.”
G.D. (Anonymity preserved)

Someone Who Really Listened To Me

I’ll be honest, when my boss suggested I met with Pete Uglow to help me back into work after the affair, I wasn’t sure because I believed nothing would help me.The first thing I noticed was how good it was to talk to someone who really listened to me, didn’t pass judgement, just listened. After two days I began to realise how much better I felt and that I actually had hope that things could be different for me. It was actually the next day when I was explaining what unconditional love was all about to my partner, that the penny dropped and then I KNEW it was the way forward for us.

Three weeks on and I would say I am a completely different person to the one who walked in to Pete’s intervention room. I am back at work full-time and my fear and shame has virtually gone. I know its still early days but I would advise EVERYONE to do this. What’s the worst that could happen? The answer, nothing bad, only good!
L.C. (Anonymity preserved)

Accepting People

“I want to thank Pete Uglow and his lovely wife, Nikki, two of the most accepting people I have ever met in my life. What they shared with me and my husband, put our whole situation into perspective and showed us where it had all gone so very wrong.”

R.P. (Anonymity preserved)

I Want More

“Having spent the last year and a half learning more and more about unconditional love with Pete and learning to take more responsibility for my life, I wanted to continue my journey as I know there is much more that I can learn and discover about ME! I’ve also been amazed at the changes in my life and my relationship since starting this journey and I want more!!

R.N. (Anonymity preserved)

My Life And Relationship Have Changed Phenomenally

My coaching experience with Pete Uglow was second to none. I admit, I was skeptical about any form of counselling or self exploration, it was simply foreign to me. Now I can say, hand on heart, that I’m so glad that I chose to work with him. My life and relationship have changed phenomenally! I feel happier than I ever have done, and my relationship with my partner has just bloomed! We actually WANT to spend time together now, in fact we can’t get enough of each other!

When I usually read testimonials, I think, ‘Yeah right, as if they didn’t write that themselves!’ I don’t want this to sound like that. When I say Pete has changed my life, I do not exaggerate & I stand by my word. Every day was a struggle in our relationship & I felt certain that it couldn’t be fixed. Pete helped me look at and our relationship from a different perspective. I learnt more about myself than I ever thought I could, I’ll take that knowledge with me for life. He taught me how to really love and value myself, and my partner.
N.B. (Anonymity preserved)

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