Pete Uglow

“My name is Pete Uglow and along with my wife Nikki, I help married couples who are dealing with the pain and betrayal of infidelity to understand what went wrong and build an affair-proof marriage for the future.  I teach them about the phenomenal healing power of true unconditional love, which is the kind of love we all long for.”

Pete Uglow is the co-founder of Get Over An Affair, a relationship coaching company dedicated to transforming marriages in the UK and beyond, with the phenomenal power of unconditional love.

When marriages experience trauma and/or a succession of life stresses, it is not uncommon for the lives of everyone in that family to unravel to a greater or lesser degree. Pete and his wife Nikki thought they were just like many other couples on the work-life balance treadmill until a trauma after 23yrs together, made their marriage unravel – Nikki found out that Pete had been having an affair, or more accurately, manyl of them.

This event was the catalyst to a quite remarkable change of course for them both. They sought outside help to overcome this crisis and whilst doing so, they discovered the transformational power of unconditional love.

From age 47yrs onwards, Pete has found a remarkable ability to help couples in situations of crisis or continued conflict within their marriage. He has retrained as a relationship-coach and counsellor, and together with Nikki, runs a private coaching company and they are passionate about making the institute of marriage, a blessing in peoples lives rather than a burden or battle field.

Through his very personable style, his warmth and empathy and his uncanny ability to communicate the truth about uncomfortable situations, Pete has been able to help hundreds of couples turn marriages on the brink of divorce or separation into flourishing connecting and loving relationships.

In fact, even if your marriage isn’t in crisis, Pete could still teach you a thing or two that would take the joy of your relationship to another level. Look out for notifications of workshops, seminars, and both online and offline courses – unconditional love is as important to your marriage as oxygen is to your survival.